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Yoga & Ayurveda weekend

du 30 août au 1er septembre 2024

Join Céline Roux & Joan Fontarnau for a weekend designed around yogic and ayurvedic principles In ayurvedic medicine, the transition into autumn is said to be one of the best time of the year, along with spring, for a health reset. Our intention is to create a peaceful space where you can disconnect from daily duties in order to fully focus on bodymind practices and inner healing. There will also be time to relax, enjoy the mountains and share delicious ayurvedic inspired meals with the group.

Petra Kicherer
78 865 25 58


Ania Gonnet
+41 76 428 85 38

Christian Huber
+33 6 43 24 20 20


15 route des Gleux, 1874 Champéry VS



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